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Fur-Ever Friends Memorial

The memory of a beloved pet or person can live on by making a donation to help carry  out the Dona Ana County Humane Society's animal welfare programs. Your memorial donation in any amount can be made securely online through the "Donate" button above, and there is a "comment" field on the donation form for the wording of your memorial.

If you would like to send us a letter dedicated to your pet or a person who has passed and/or a photo, along with a request that they be posted on our "In Memory of..." page, please send the letter and photo by email to or mail to DACHS, P.O. Box 1176, Las Cruces NM 88004.

Fur-Ever Friends Memorial

Thank you for your generous presents, beautiful life, and the gift and honor of knowing you, dearest Ernie.

You will NEVER be forgotten, Never.

In Loving Memory of Judith Ingeborg Forney

- Susan & Edward Hughes

In Loving Memory of Ellen Haltom

- Ron Ozio

In Loving Memory of Al Bossert

- Rebecca Tillman

Danial McCann (husband of Jane McCann)

--David and Marilyn Evans

--Patricia Loncarich

--Reliance, Test & Technology (R, T&T)

--Mesilla Park Elementary PFA

--Marlane Parra

Mike and Lois Hamilton and their shelter dog, Shadow

--Joe Ledo and Mary Matava

Elli Cat, rest in peace 5/28/18. Living the good life chasing mousies, birdies and feather toys over the rainbow.

--Cynthia Reid


--Andrew and Catalina Barela

Angus & Archie

--Kathe & Steve Kanim

--Jim Greene

--Bob Wofford

--Joyce Lentz


--Judy Newsom

Shirley and Mike Armstrong

--Brenda Yardley Armstrong

Lucille Getz

--Terry Getz

Diane Tasker

--Gail Newberry & Randall Pugh

--Nadine Duffin

--Mike and Kathy Thayer

--The staff at Mayfield High School

--Peggy Hoffer

--Guy & Sherry Williams

--Don & Nancy Williams

--Rexanna & Randy Anderson

--DJ Ward

Edward Shirkey, a special friend of dogs and cats.

--Mary and George Helliesen

 Wanda, who loved animals, especially poodles.

--Elizabeth Driggers


Mango, Amos and Willie Deason

--John and Eunice Davidson Fund


Peanut, Queenie, Kichen and Pedacito

--Andrew & Catalina Barela


Clara Hoffer

--Edie Henry


Jody Jackson
--Citizens Bank of Las Cruces


Precious & Billy Mitch

--D.J. Ward


Phyllis Glover Tegmeyer
--Lynda Vaskov
--Southwest Quarter Horse Association
--Southwest Amateur Quarter Horse Association
--Cal & Derryl Brandt
--Allie Sue Gottwald

--Kimberly Barnett

--Doug Watters

--Barnetts Las Cruces Harley Davidson
--Nate Kelton
--Greco Rental Management Co.
--Dr. Jeffrey Bowers
--David & Wendy Clarke
--Greco Rental Management Co.
--Margaret Sherman, a high school classmate
--Mary D. Stepita, a high school classmate


Judy M. Lowman-Silva & Cirilo "Lilo" Silva, lovers of all God's little creatures and long-time residents of the Mesilla Valley
--Frank & T. Cavaleri Wood


Jackie Martin

--Sharon McGill
--Allie Sue Gottwald


Kathy Barela
--In memory of Peanut, Queenie, Kichen and Pedacito


Lloyd Joseph Marie
--Citizens Bank


Julie Anderson
--From Thomas & Ann Mobley
--From Betty & Bobby McCaslin


Linda L. Havenor

--From Sandra Manning
--From Patricia Richardson
--From Quanah Austin

--From Lila Ruth Seirp
--From Keith & Evelyn Colson
--From Myrtis Lauterbach


--From D.J. Ward


Peanut, Queenie, Kichen & Pedacito

--From Andrew & Catalina Barela


Cynthia Standlee

--From B&B Consultants


Che, Maggie and Coco

--From Victoria Kanof


Robert Wilson Martin

--From Neil Weinbrenner
--From Allie Sue Gottwald
--From Jeanine Mollica
--From Sharon Wickenheiser


Doug Nelson 

--From Eula and David Thompson
--From Jennifer Severinson

--From John Edmonds

--From Anna Key

--Robert Goldrich


Leslie Boykin

--From Janet Woolsey

All beloved, departed companions

--From Elba Serrano


Larry Button
--From Denise Herrell
--From Donald & Patricia Neidig
--From James Fenn
--From Malooly's Flooring Company



--From D.J. Ward



In loving memory of our baby girl Sadie 6/4/2014
--From Gina Bloom


--From Stout Hardwood Floors


Gayle Smithers
--From Janice Denmark


Janet Gayle Smithers
--From Claudia & Mick Fitts


Billy Mitch

--From D.J. Ward



--From Rebecca Gomolka


Mickey, loving and faithful companion to John and Brenda

--From Jessica Matheson


A wonderful cat, Molly

--From Elizabeth Driggers



Mango Butler, Kiwi Amos and Willie Deason/Davidson
--From the John & Eunice Davidson Fund


Roxanne Nimmer and Judith Boyer

--From Aelene McLauchlin



--From D.J. Ward


Sophie McNutt

--From Fraternal Order of Eagles, El Valle #4408 Ladies Auxiliary
--From David & Irene Murray


Billy Mitch

--From DJ Ward


Dutch Houseknect

--From The Tailgaters
--From Roberto's Coffee Club
--From Tom Salopek Farms
--From Edith Henry
--From William & Gayle Smithers
--From T.W. & Ruth Schettler
--From Doug & Barbara Caywood
--From George & Patsy Hackler
--From Dick & Marian Anderson
--From Harry & Eileen Monahan in memory of our church pew buddy
--From Reymundo & Carole Bernale
--From Phillip & Mollie Freeman
--From Carl & Bea Connor
--From James & Una Vee White
--From Dr. Sharon Wooden


Erasmo Guevara
--From Charlie & Pat Folk


Jim Walls

--From Dixie Felipe



--From Mike Henzl & Jeanne Boschi

Karen Schaefer
--From Eve Adams


Clarice Laurel Jean Brown, our beautiful mother who we and Ben-Purr miss dearly
--From Theresa Tucker

Mary Louise Zubialde
--From John Zubialde
--From the Family & Preventive Medicine Benevolent Fund
--From the Dean's Office, College of Medicine, University of Oklahoma

--From Barbara Hollembaek

Margie Eppenauer
--From Denise Parker

Tiodosa Dozal
--She loved her pets and her pets loved her, from Kathy Barela

In loving memory of Precious
--From D.J. Ward

--pet of Kathryn & Michael Barber, from Marilyn & Michael Brewer

--pet of Ellen Flesher, from Lynette Fannon-Lamkin

--From Duffy B. Porter

Pearl & Wickett
--From Dorothy Terry

Our Lily
--Buried at Alicia Melgaard Memorial Pet Cemetery, Lot 31, Row 2. From Mike Henzl & Jeanne Boschi


Tyson, 1995-2011
And now there is no gentle nudge with an intense "I love you gaze."
Only hearts that are filled with many tears, remembering joy-filled days.
But an Angel did appear to me, and said " please cry no more."
God also loves our canine friends, He's installed a doggy door.


Scott Moore
--In loving memory. You will be missed. From Sandy Spencer & Mark Rush
--In loving memory, from Richard Cobos
--In memory, from Rhett Putman
--In memory, from Pat Campbell Insurance, LLC

Susan Schibel
--From Harry & Margaret Schibel

--From Terri Abernathy

Jeffrey K. Downs
--From Patricia J.S. Marks

--From Joseph and Patricia Martin

Billy Mitch & Precious
--From D.J. Ward

Pippin, a shelter dog who gave us seven great years

Now thou art dead, no eye shall ever see,
For shape and service, SPANIELL like to thee.
This shall my love doe, give thy sad death one
Tear that deserves of me a million.
--Robert Herrick (1591-1674)

--From Dr. Tessa Nelson-Humphries

My brother, Gene Frye
--From Melvin Frye

Irene (Anderson) Caldwell
--From the Mall Group

Jerry Downs
--From Vicky Downs, Sue Gottwald, Jerry & Peggy Wood, and Dinus & June Briggs

Domino, my 15-year-old border collie mix. RIP, my little man
--From Brenda Cook

--From Dr. Tessa Nelson-Humphries

--From Raul and Rosalie Amezquita

Lily (buried at the Alicia Melgaard Memorial Pet Cemetery)
--From Mike Henzl and Jeanne Boschi

Chiri (adopted from the shelter)
--From Begona Farwell

Charlotte Marie Powey Varuole
--From Natalie Aranda

Naku, my ever loving husky.
--From Kat Lacey

Axel and Caio, (Axel on top and Caio on left). Axel passed away in 2009 at age 10; Caio, who passed away in July, would have been 6 years old in September 2010. She is littermates with Cara (left.)
--From Paul and Lisa Westbrook

Char Varuola, who tragically and unexpectedly passed away. She was a lover of her dogs, and much more.
--From Bill and Penny Dunham

Dr. John Findley Brown
--From Kathleen E. Boucher

Harriett, a golden retriever mix who loved her family (Eve Adams, Betsy Cahill and Jesse) very much and was well-loved and cared for in return. Harriett was rescued as a puppy after someone attempted to drown her and her litter mates in the Rio Grande. She was the only one who survived. Harriett died peacefully at age 10 on February 15, 2008.
--From Karen Schaefer and Bill Corbett

Douglass Lamkin
--From Lisa O'Quinn and Andrew Goldstein

The memory of a beloved pet or person can live on by making a donation to help carry  out the Dona Ana County Humane Society's animal welfare programs. Your memorial donation in any amount can be made securely online through the Paypal button below.

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