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2019 Year in Review!

We are taking a look back at what a great year 2019 was for our 3 programs!

Pets for Seniors

This year we issued over 70 vouchers through our Pets for Seniors program. The Pets for Seniors program covers the cost of any senior wanting to adopt a pet over at the Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley. By covering over 70 vouchers, we helped over 70 seniors find their new best friend & gave animals in need a forever home!

To learn more about our Pets for Seniors program, click HERE!

Ruff to Ready

This year we gave training lessons to over 50 dogs through our Ruff to Ready program. In an effort to prevent dogs from being returned to the shelter, the Doña Ana County Humane Society established the "Ruff to Ready" program, which offers basic behavior training to shelter dogs that are in foster care, foster-to-adopt, or new adoptive homes through the ASCMV.

To learn more about our Ruff to Ready program, click HERE!

Animal Relief Fund

This year we helped the pets of over 600 low-income families through our Animal Relief Fund program. The ARF fund provides financial aid to help qualifying Doñna Ana County pet owners with veterinary care, helping to prevent animal suffering and allowing pet owners to keep their animals rather than surrendering them to the animal shelter because they can't afford veterinary care.

By issuing over 600 vouchers though this program, we were able to help over 600 people & pets in Doña Ana County!

To lean more about our Animal Relief Fund program, click HERE!

We are so thankful to have helped keep people & pets together in 2019 & can't wait to help even more in 2020!

Happy New Year!

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