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Lucky Dogs of DACHS

Luck had nothing to do with the help these dogs received...

Through the Doña Ana County Humane Society's Animal Relief Fund and the Ruff-to-Ready program, the four dogs above all now have better lives thanks to your support. Adorable little Rocky was in need of his first round of vaccinations to help give him the healthy start he needed in life. He qualified for a vaccination voucher and now he is ready to conquer the world (or at least his backyard).  Did you know that because of your generosity, there is also assistance for our four-legged friends who are on prescription medications? Sweet Sophie and Juakita were both placed on long-term medications, and through the medication vouchers offered through the Animal Relief Fund, they were able to get help with six months of their meds. And we can't forget about Lily. She was up for adoption at the Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley. She was fun and full of love and captured her Mom and Dad's hearts instantly. Unfortunately, when they started getting settled in at home, they realized that while she did indeed love them, she also loved to chew on things like their shoes (and her Dad's sunglasses). Through the Ruff-to-Ready training program, Lily was able to have a trainer visit her at home and help with tips and tricks on how to correct her behavior and make her parents' lives a bit easier. These "Lucky Dog" stories are only possible because of your generous support. Would you consider making another lucky dog's day by giving a gift to support the programs offered by the Doña Ana County Humane Society? 

Thank you for all you do to help keep people and pets together!



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